unionpluscard – How to Enroll for Union Plus Card Online Easily?

Are you looking for enrolling in the Union Plus card online?

Now enroll for Union Plus credit card online using unionpluscard website, and our step by step guide for that here.

Read on for our step by step guide for the unionpluscard.com website!



Card Name Union Plus credit card
Website Name unionpluscard
Brand/Bank name Union Plus
Issuing Bank Name Capital One
Website URL unionpluscard.com

How to Enroll for Union Plus credit card online?

Follow the below-given steps for enrolling for Union Plus credit card online:

  1. Click here to access unionpluscard.com, which is the official website of Union Plus credit card.
  2. Now, on the next page, you will see a green button saying “Enroll Now“.
  3. Click on that.
  4. Now, on the next page, enter these when asked:
    1. Last Name
    2. Social security number
    3. Date of birth
  5. After entering those, click on the “Find Me” button.
  6. Your details will be pulled from their database.
  7. And will be asked more details about your finances such as your rent payment amount, mortgage amount, and more.
  8. Enter the asked details and complete the enrollment.

Need Help?

Are you facing any issues while enrolling for the Union Plus card online?

Contact the Union Plus credit card customer support by calling their toll free number now:


Union Plus Headquarters Address

Here’s the headquarters address of Union Plus:

1100 First St NE Suite 850, Washington, DC 20002, USA

About Union Plus

The non-profit organization Union Plus has provided benefits to current and former members of labor unions since 1986. One of these benefits is to be eligible for the Union Plus credit card, which is provided by Capital One. The Union Plus program has helped many people recover from negative financial situations, and the credit card is one of the ways in which these members have done so. If you are a union member looking for a credit card that fits perfectly, there is nothing more to give you the benefits that the Union Plus credit card.

1. Money Back:

Winning the cash refund of purchases is always an advantage, and this credit card will allow you to get a 1.5% refund on all your purchases. There is also no limit to the amount of cash you could earn; so the more you slide, the more money you have.

2. No Annual Fee:

This is especially useful for union members who are trying to recover. Having fees for anything is really a hassle, and the Union Plus credit card is one less thing to worry about. The credit card has absolutely no annual fee, so you can be sure that while paying your credit card on time, you will not have to worry about any other rate apart from the interest charges.

3. Enter APR:

Different credit cards offer different APRs, and not all offer an introductory APR. The Union Plus credit card provides a 0% purchase and transfer of APR for all new cardholders. What this would mean for you is that during the first 12 months, you will not have to worry about any interest rate.

4. Balance Transfer:

If you are trying to consolidate part of your credit card debt, this could be a way to do it. Union Plus also offers a competitive balance transfer fee of only 3%. That is one of the lowest rates you can see out there.


We hope you were able to enroll for Union Plus card using our step by step guide on this page for unionpluscard. Do let us know your opinion about Union Plus credit cards on the comment box given below.


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